Carteles para colorear en la Cuaresma

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Following the success of the Advent Coloring Posters, artist and pastor Adam Walker Cleaveland has created a new series of 9 original images that will be available in this series of Lenten Coloring Posters.

Each image was hand-drawn with pen and ink, scanned and meticulously edited and then converted into a vector file format for printing. Each image file will print a poster that is 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. This size allows many hands to get around it coloring, and if you are a faith community wanting to involve more families in your Lenten programs, this size is very convenient for families to take home and complete, and easier to complete at a Wednesday night service.

These 9 original, meditative coloring posters each have a word in the middle - and for this series of posters, the word corresponds to a theme picked from that week's Narrative Lectionary scripture reading. Here are the suggested dates for the posters and the corresponding word(s) on each one:

  • Poster 1: February 10 (Ash Wednesday - Mark 9:30-37): Reciba a otras.
  • Poster 2: February 14 (Mark 10:17-31): .
    • Poster 3: February 21 (Mark 10:32-52): Sirva.
  • Poster 4: February 28 (Mark 12:13-17): Escuche.
  • Poster 5: March 6 (Mark 12:28-44): Ame.
  • Poster 6: March 13 (Mark 13:1-8, 24-37): Vigile!
  • Poster 7: March 20 (Palm Sunday - Mark 14:3-9): Arriesgue.
  • Poster 8: March 24 (Maundy Thursday - Mark 14:22-42): Tome. Coma.
    And March 25 (Good Friday - Mark 15:16-39): Abandonado.
  • Poster 9: March 25 (Easter - Mark 16:1-8 ): Vaya y Diga!

Are you Using the Narrative Lectionary?

Perfect - then these posters fit nicely into your lectionary passages and can have multiple uses for you during Lent 2016.

Are you Using the Revised Common Lectionary?

Not a problem. Each poster is focused on a story about the life and ministry of Jesus. And during Lent, as we all go on our personal and collective journeys, these posters guide you through stories of Jesus and focus on some of the ways that God calls us to live and follow in the way of Jesus. They could also be used as a communal art project for your Sunday School classes, church small groups or families or other events.

Are you Looking for Something for Home?

In An Illustrated Lent: Family Edition (not yet available for pre-ordering), our 7 weeks of family devotions are going to be based around these stories of Jesus from the Narrative Lectionary, and we will be including small 8.5x11 versions of these posters in that resource. However, if you want to give your kids more of a project, these large coloring posters could be a great way for them to have another way of focusing on each devotion's theme.

File Delivery

Assuming you pre-ordered, on January 25th, you'll be able to check your email and get a direct link to download the files in a variety of formats: .EPS, .AI. and .PDF.

NOTE: AGAIN, THESE POSTERS ARE 2' WIDE AND 3' TALL (unlike the Advent coloring posters that were 4' Wide and 3' Tall). There are 9 designs (instead of 5) but for those who bought the Advent posters, just realize that these are not the same size).

Finally, a few testimonials from our last round of coloring posters:

I’m always looking for engaging projects that will give my two busy body kids something to focus their energy and creativity on. These large advent posters have done just that and I’m not going to lie– this momma had fun getting in on the action to. I highly recommend buying a set as a family project and enjoying the quality time together and talking about the message behind each piece.
Marie Walti

Within moments of setting out the posters, I had people clamoring to do some coloring–young & young at heart, men & women, boys & girls. When I asked a few people to pick it up to put down another poster, I hear groans of “But it’s not done yet!” The posters were beautiful and well designed, and the customer service stuck through some pretty tedious mailing issues. I can’t wait for the next few weeks of coloring through Advent!
Pastor Megan Thompson

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Carteles para colorear en la Cuaresma