Advent Coloring Posters - Digital Files

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Advent Coloring Posters - Digital Files

IllustratedĀ Children's Ministry, LLC

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These are 5 unique, hand drawn digital files for 5 giant Advent Posters designed by artist Adam Walker Cleaveland. The posters are filled with unique and fun designs that kids will love coloring. But not only kids - adults will also enjoy the chance to sit down and spend some time getting lost in these designs.

Each digital file has a hand lettered word in the middle that corresponds with the four weeks of Advent: Hope, Joy, Peace and Love. There is a fifth vector file that has the word Emmanuel in the middle.

So many uses!

These posters are just amazing to see rolled out and being colored on. There are so many potential uses for them - here are just a few:

  • They are perfect for your kids to sit around coloring, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks coming up.
  • They are great for youth groups and Sunday School classes to be able to color. 
  • These would be great for worship services to have spaced around the worship space for people to color at different times throughout the service.
  • They would also make a great activity for any churches that have Advent Fairs coming up in December, or if they are looking for a fun intergenerational activity.
  • They also make really fun and unique Christmas gifts for any creatives that you know - or families that have kids who enjoy coloring.
  • There's probably a lot more that you can think of as well!

File Delivery

Upon your purchase, the digital image files will be immediately available for you to download. You can take the files to your local Staples, FedEx or another local printer that you may have connections with - give them the files - and just make sure they know you want them printed on 4' x 3' "engineering print" paper. Please make sure to show them the license file as well, and you shouldn't have any problems getting them printed.

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5 vector image files

File Formats
.EPS, .PDF and .AI
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